Restoring Gatewen Hall

Although an elegant building now with handsome interiors, Gatewen Hall didn’t always look quite like this. Having been left in a derelict state in the early 1990s, the current owners had to reverse the Gatewen Hall abuse and decay that had been caused by many years of neglect of the property. They set themselves the challenge of extensively restoring and renovating both the inside and outside of Gatewen Hall. The project took many years to complete with a large amount of time, effort and money going into transforming it back to its former state. It was made easier however by the owners past experience of property restoration and development as well as an existing network of skilled workmen to help complete the huge task of renovating Gatewen Hall.
Gatewen Hall external view during renovation 1999 (20)

The Cost of Gatewen Hall’s Renovation

Gatewen Hall now features over 40 rooms, including 11 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and various cellars. Renovating the property included many cosmetic changes to the interiors, considerable repairs also had to be done to the internal structure of the building itself so it remains sound for many years to come. Records from the renovation reveal interesting quantities of materials including:
  • £700 worth of light bulbs
  • 53 doors throughout.
  • 1800 metres of roof rafters
  • 1200 metres of CAT5 networking cable
  • 200m2 of marble
  • £20,000 worth of thermal insulation
  • Garaging for 10 vehicles
Many rooms in Gatewen Hall also had to be remodelled and modern dividing walls removed to create a more aesthetic flow to the building, and many technical upgrades were required such as central heating, insulation, internet, underfloor heating and pumped hot water. Outside, new sewage and rainwater piping were installed as well as a new treatment plant.
Gatewen Hall earthworks 1999 (11)

Restoration of Gatewen Hall’s Period Features

Gatewen Hall became a listed property in the 1960s meaning period features within the property are to be expected. While the original staircase had been stripped out years previously and burnt outside after it became infested with woodworm, some period detailing still remains. Many of the period features of the property are seen through the ornate ceiling and wall plastering, especially around light fittings and ceiling coving. There are also several recent additions of beautiful handmade stained glass windows including on the front door and on a large ceiling window above the main staircase which serves to retain real living development of the features and character of the building.

Gatewen Hall Bespoke Furnishings

Several the rooms at Gatewen Hall have been designed with bespoke fitted furnishings. One example is the spacious kitchen which features custom designed and handmade cupboards and other furnishings. With an expanse of hand painted cupboards and handsome granite surfaces, the kitchen also features intricate plastering work along the ceiling and walls which reflect the history and elegance of the Hall. The 1000sq/feet master bedroom of Gatewen Hall also features bespoke designs. Inspired by furniture seen in a museum in Venice, the owners used one-off plaster mouldings, solid walnut wood draw boxes and bespoke cut granite to recreate the elegant styling. The room also features a hidden walk-in wardrobe complete with a mirrored dressing area, a uniquely designed headboard and a kidney-shaped window seat were both visualised and designed during an aircraft journey. Other luxuries to this particular bedroom suite include underfloor heating, extensive Ensuite bathroom with shower and two baths (one sunken).

Remodelling Gatewen Hall’s Outside Areas

The gardens of Gatewen Hall are now just as impressive as the house itself, featuring stunning landscaping and ornamental features such as fountains and seating areas. However, before the renovation it was mostly overgrown and the 80 odd trees on the site were had not been managed for many years. The new owners had them thinned and shaped, allowing for views of the surrounding countryside and Wrexham town from the Hall and gardens. The garden was also newly landscaped, a total of 2000 tons of earth brought in to create the finished look. Similarly, the driveway that runs up Gatewen Lane was upgraded to create an attractive and prestigious entrance to the main Hall and outbuildings. Garaging for up to ten cars was also created next to the main house. The many outbuildings of Gatewen Hall have held multiple purposes over the years but generally were disused. The family decided to renovate the three additional buildings for different uses, including as a commercial office space for their building business and space for indoor parking. They also renovated an annexe attached to the main house that features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms as well as having separate garaging and driveway access.

Gatewen Hall in Cheshire Life Magazine

Towards the end of the renovation project, Gatewen Hall was featured in the March 2003 issue of Cheshire Life magazine. A multiple page spread showcased the new interiors of the building, focusing on the bespoke fitted kitchen and furniture in the bedrooms.

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